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Bando is a Martial Art originating in Burma (currently Myanmar) 

Bando traces it's history back to about 2000 years. There are many influences on the art now called Bando. As Burma was a crossroad between India, China, and the rest of South East Asia, you can find many similarities with the arts of the other countries in the region.
Greater Hartford Bando offers instruction in the traditional Burmese martial arts. Check out our site for some history on these arts, scheduling, location, and contact information.
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Bando Information

Bando is a Burmese martial art. Bando as the term is used today encompasses many combative forms. Bando as taught in the United States Under the American Bando Association (a not for profit veterans memorial organization) combines traditional Bando, Thaing (self defense, free hand system, and animal systems), Lethwei (Burmese Boxing, Kickboxing or the sportive aspect), Banshay (weapons practice) and Naban (grappling).

The origins of Bando are much like that of any other martial art. The country of Burma (Myanmar) sits between India, China, Thailand, and Tibet. This was a main trade route for many countries. As a result of trade, passage, and warfare the traditional Burmese combative arts were influenced by many other regional arts. Prior to the 19th century Burma had fought wars with China, and Thailand. These wars contributed to the development of the various combative systems in Burma. The British conquest of Burma in the 19th century had a devastating effect on the martial arts of Burma, as the British outlawed the practice of combative arts. Prior to the British occupation, the sport of Burmese Boxing was referred to as the "sport of kings". During the occupation, the arts were forced underground and could not be practiced publicly.

American Bando Association

The American Bando Association is a non-profit WWII veteran’s memorial organization. Tournaments and other events are held to honor veterans as well as to honor the spirits of those warriors who have paid the ultimate price.

Grand Master

Grand Master U Ba Than Gyi formed the International Bando Association (IBA) in 1946 after WWII. He is credited with the founding of the art as practiced and taught today. The IBA was founded to honor the spirits of allied and axis warriors who fought and died in the China-Burma-India theatre of WWII. His son brought the art of Bando to the United States in 1959. Grand Master Dr. Muang Gyi formed the American Bando Association as a Veterans Memorial Organization, who's mission is also to honor veterans and the spirits of those who have fought and died in WWII. We also honor veterans of Vietnam, Korea, and subsequent actions. The ABA is an all volunteer organization.